Thoughts on the Occupy Movement

For some time I have been drawn to native people, probably because my father used to call me his little Chipewa or his little Lap Lander. (Neither of these terms are used now-but they were then-I grew up in the forties.)

I have examined myself and this continuing admiration of native people which began in childhood. I believe it is because, regardless of country of origin, they seem to love what I love. Notably the spiritual value of the earth and a kind of decency of interaction that seems flawed among many of those in my white community.

The past  few years have brought a new wave of violence and genocide that we deluded ones on the white side are learning never really ended. The leaders of this new assault which is taking place all over the world  are largely driven by the corporations, the mine owners and water thieves. l learned yesterday that the entire range of Saami land in Norway is under threat from mine owners.And on the same day heard Arundhati Roy speak of the 150 MILLION indigenous people who have been ruthlessly driven off thier lands in Central India. Fifty million have been put on miserable subsistence reserves. The rest -all called Maoists- whether they are or not, are hunted and completely homeless. In South America, several cultures are being brutally murdered. The beautiful Amazon river is being attacked.

Canada, thought by many of us as a “good country” along with SEVERAL churches, is being probed for its complicity in over a hundred years of covert genocide.

It is interesting to know that the masses of people were in many ways, better informed two hundred years ago. Most of the real news media died a long time ago. We say we didn’t know!!!!

How this can go on is, in part, due to the hypnotic news black out, the insipid talk shows and the intense hate spew that comes from some carefully groomed hate mongers. But this can go on too, because on some level, people DO know and have not the courage to resist evil. They tell themselves they can’t really believe it but it has more to do with comfort and cowardice.

But as our native brothers and sisters would tell us, we are all connected. And our fate is joined.

The idealistic  and desperate young people who are presently camped out in cities all over the US must understand that jobs must be jobs that further ALL life on this planet. If you work for the corporate machine, you are dealing death. Period.

Jobs must be jobs which promote the healing of the ravaged earth. No group should have the right to destroy the lives or way of life of another group. No group should have the right to destroy the other beings that live on this planet and whose contribution to our lives has been totally missed. In all of my years of grammar school, never once was the value and beauty of the non human mentioned. We need to REALLY

re examine education.

If the OWS movement settles for war jobs or jobs that entail the annihilation of nature, such as hydro fracturing, they will just be participating in business as usual. This could come about because they do not get support. Business as usual will insure the demise of the planet.