This would seem to be the mantra for all of our concerns. In a recent letter to the Press, we are instructed to read a government bulletin on Lyme Disease in order to be enlightened to the necessity for the latest culling proposal. This claim of necessity is also made for the Coyote hunts and now Bobcat hunts, both predators who have been largely missing from the dying wild. An obvious missing link hangs in space. Anyone notice?

And -oh-by the way, it seems the deer do not spread Lyme disease,  just as the badgers in England were not responsible for TB. But they were killed before that became clear to the experts. A few fled to Wales. Animal culling is a big business now, with lovely ‘environmental’ brochures. All colleges, Institutions etc. are likely to be approached with a ‘package’.

Necessity does not stop with local killings. Government finger pointing is not new. It is often later exposed as mistaken but only after lives have been taken and great suffering has been borne. Remember the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ later debunked but now resurrected – like gophers-in Iran. War after all makes a lot of money for some of the biggest corporations. We can’t have their cash flow interrupted. War is about money. Lots of money.

Governments scare people into believing otherwise.

Guns, hunts and lunatics in Ninja suits become the stuff of legend for a sedated public that is too distracted to bother reading for themselves or watching something that still respects the fact.

What prevents our public from thinking about what really happens in war,  and in animal culls?Its killing. We are killing people. We are killing children and old people. We are killing our sons and daughters. We are killing animals. We are killing the plants, the water, the atmosphere. We are poisoning the seas. We allow ourselves to not look. Why don’t we look?

Why don’t we look at the model of dominance that over and over again selects a victim and offers it to an anesthetized public?

When ‘necessary’, we even call it holy.