One of my favorite columnists spoke for the Post Office the other day. Dave Rossi outlined the history of the post office and the current political scheme to sell out the post office and pad the bankrolls of private business. A scheme spearheaded by Rep. Darrel Issa of California. One that is echoed by many of our non servant politicians who would like to see everything taken out of the hands of the people.

At the end of his column, Mr Rossi spoke of his own days as a post man and the interaction of community and public servant that was repeated in every community in which I have lived. An interaction that is being actively squelched at our peril.

What is sad to me is that this peril is missed by many of our present day working people, many of whom are too stressed and too widely spread over too many “necessary” activities to notice the good work done by post men everywhere for generations. Sold out themselves, it becomes to easier to sell out others with silence or inattention.

Postmen and women have done much more than deliver mail. They have paid attention, notice the daily conditions of their neighborhoods and been able to bring help when needed. They have added brightness and humanity to the days of the very young and the elderly in their neighborhoods and been general observers and advocates for their communities. Postal delivery people pay attention and prevent many scams, attempted  robberies and dangerous events.

There is much more than paper that arrives in your mailbox. There is integrity, kindness and public service. Sadly now, not a very common delivery.