Since turkey hunting season last year, our friends Ben, Jerry and Tom, three handsome American Turkeys have been missing. I confess that by now, I had given them up. Especially when the long winter did not send them down to the bird feeders. Especially since the turk women have been here all cold winter long.

For several months this winter we have had below zero temperatures or at best, single digit readings. Snows, though modest  as single storms, continued to pile up to several feet. And no melting occurred for months.

Only the warm sun of March and a change in the direction of arctic air masses brought a thaw and the few squirrels who were not appalled at the presence of the turkeys,were happily finding buried treasure. I was sitting at the window typing,when i noticed one of the squirrels had arranged himself charmingly on a three pronged wooden waterfall support. i signaled to my husband, who had just walked into the kitchen, a sign for hush. his eyes got big immediately and when I looked beyond the posing squirrel, I saw the feathered fans in full array. Two of our lads were BACK. Their copper feathers shown and their heads glowed turquoise and red. They turned majestically , lest any detail be missed. Pageant of Ages, Pageant of today.

And I was reminded, yet again, that there is more to the world than I think I know, that Spirit moves the way Spirit Moves and I cannot chart it, I can only be grateful and inspirited.